We manage your tech so you can manage your business

Managed Services

In today’s business world, every business needs IT professionals on hand to manage their technology needs. However, hiring a qualified, full-time IT team or professional can be cost-prohibitive — particularly if your IT needs vary from month to month. Outsourcing your IT to Chrysalis Consulting is like having a dedicated team of tech experts at your service. You get all the IT management you need, when you need it, for an affordable and predictable cost.

Managed IT Services contracts from Chrysalis Consulting eliminate the hassles associated with unpredictable service calls. You’ll be able to budget for your IT department well in advance, all while receiving full departmental support. Our Managed IT Services include systems monitoring, data security, troubleshooting, disaster recovery, and more, bundled together at a price you can afford.

Integrated Support Services

Now you have an IT services team that knows your business technology in and out to better manage and support you. Your Chrysalis Consultant learns about how your staff uses the supported technology.  This allows your Chrysalis Consultant to speak your business language, eliminating frustrating communication breakdowns.

24/7 Monitoring and Management

Technology issues can occur at any time day or night.  Chrysalis Consulting will identify most issues and correct them prior to them becoming a problem. This proactive approach saves your business time and money by reducing downtime.  Your staff will be able to work more productively, ultimately improving your bottom line.

Key Benefits of Managed Services

We use best in class enterprise tools to monitor, alert and manage your systems.  Our dedicated team works around the clock to monitor, respond to alerts and ensure your systems stay in peak health and are secure from hackers.

  • Peace of mind – your IT infrastructure will be monitored around the clock.
  • Less downtime – we will identify and resolve issues before they become problems.
  • Fewer disruptions – most maintenance will be occur either overnight or remotely.
  • Predictable budgeting – all-inclusive, flat-rate IT services that include software and hardware.

Our IT tools empower us to provide you with unlimited remote support, hardware and software auditing, and automated maintenance to keep your computers running smooth, and proactive alerts to prevent problems before they occur.

We provide security patching for Microsoft products as well as over 120 third-party vendors (like Adobe and Java) to keep your business environment updated, safe, and secure.

Your business cannot afford the downtime and potential data loss associated with a virus, malware, or ransomware attack.  We provide protection to prevent malicious behavior from effecting your productivity.

Whether on a server or in the cloud, we backup your important data to prevent from accidental deletion, data loss, or malicious attacks.