Google offering G-Suite FREE to news orgs

by Chrysalis Consulting

If you’re a non-profit organization, you know how Google offers its G-Suite of applications free of charge. These apps include Gmail (your domain name email address), Calendar, Docs, and Drive which are exclusive to your organization. Non-Profits that aren’t using G-Suite should give Chrysalis Consulting a call to learn how this FREE suite of apps can improve collaboration in your organization.

Google has recently announced that they are extending their charitable reach to include small news organizations with fewer than 500 employees. Google’s pitch is that G-Suite will “keep newsroom data secure and enable editors in the office and reporters in the field to collaborate and edit copy on a story in real time.”

But wait…there’s more. Google has plans to offer Google Cloud Platform credits to small news organizations in the near future. Some examples of where these credits could be applied include Google’s OCR application and building a custom map in Google Maps. More information on this will be provided by Google at their Cloud Next event in London on October 10th.

For now, if you operate a Non-Profit organization or a small newsroom, you should contact Chrysalis Consulting to have an experienced consultant implement G-Suite in your organization.